Africa Unite 2007


Africa Unite Joins Forces with the Emerging Leadership Programme, to Honor the Spirit, Legacy and Music of Bob Marley while Supporting African Youth with The Shanduka Foundation's Adopt-a-School Programme and The Ubuntu Institute for Young Social Entrepreneurs.

Warm greetings and salutations to our family of fans. Kindly note that the Africa Unite 2007 concert for South Africa has been postponed due to lack of financial support. In 2008 Africa Unite will be held in Jamaica. We look forward to having a huge concert there.

One Love.


LOS ANGELES, CA, NEW YORK, NY, LONDON, UK & JOHANNESBURG, SA--September 5, 2006--Mrs. Rita Marley on behalf of The Bob & Rita Marley Foundations announced at a press conference in South Africa today that in February 2007 they will bring "Africa Unite 2007" to South Africa. Through a series of benefit concerts, symposiums, fund raisers and events, Africa Unite 2007 will encourage peace, education and empowerment for youth in Africa while reinforcing the significance of Bob Marley's Songs of Freedom to manifest change throughout the world. Africa Unite 2007 is Executive Directed by Mrs. Rita Marley.

This year, Africa Unite will join forces with the Emerging Leadership Programme, initiated by the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, which honors the peacemaker and iconic Nobel Peace Laureate, Desmond Tutu. The Emerging Leadership Programme grooms young leaders with value-based leadership for reconciliation, transformation and peace in global communities. Africa Unite 2007 will also support the Shanduka Foundation's Adopt-a-School Programme that is committed to providing quality education to all African children, and the Ubuntu Institute that is dedicated to the development of young social entrepreneurs on the African continent who are committed to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Each organization will contribute their combined resources to Africa Unite 2007 and share in the singular goal to unite Africa through peace, education and empowerment for all people.

"Our family is committed to keeping the legacy and teachings of Bob alive to spread "One Love" worldwide through the power of music, which is a gift from God," said Mrs. Rita Marley. "I have so much hope for Africa. It is our goal to bring life to the words of "Africa Unite" and aid where help is needed, while creating opportunities and sustainable change for youth in Africa and worldwide."

Africa Unite 2007 will commence on the honor rebel Bob Marley's birthday, February 6, 2007 and continue throughout Black History Month to include:


  • February-6-2007: Bob Marley's 62nd Birthday celebration
  • February-7-2007: Bob Marley Photo Exhibit @ Durban Art Gallery in City Hall
  • Johannesburg

  • February 9-13-2007 - Africa Unite Symposium @ University of Joburg-Soweto Campus (REGISTER FOR SYMPOSIUM)
  • February 14 - Constitution Hill Debut of "Freedom Fighters" photo exhibition featuring rarely seen photos of Bob Marley including an exhibit from famed photographer Alf Kumalo and more
  • February 14 - Constitution Hill "One Love" Fundraising dinner & photo auction
  • February 14 - Catch a Fire Fashion Show featuring local South African designers
  • February 14 - No Woman No Cry - Book Launch and Book Signing by Rita Marley 

  • Born in Ethiopia in 2005, and again realized in Ghana in 2006, the now annual Africa Unite events came to life from the unwavering passion and spirit of Mrs. Rita Marley. Mrs. Marley and her family are inspired to spread the spirit and legacy of Bob Marley, to continue to bring life to his Songs of Freedom and to actively work towards a united Africa in their lifetime. The Africa Unite events have begun a global movement that continues to create worldwide awareness for vital issues affecting Africa as well as realizing important and meaningful change that will contribute to lasting solutions.

    "Africa Unite 2007 will provide a tremendous resource to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals that are not only possible but within the reach of our generation," said Prince Cedza Dlamini, Founder of the Ubuntu Institute. "Young people have the vision, the passion, and the energy to effect change. They just need the resources and skills to execute their vision."

    About The Bob & Rita Marley Foundations
    The Bob and Rita Marley Foundations are committed to keeping the vision, music, and legend of Bob Marley alive to spread "One Love" worldwide. The Foundations primarily provide assistance to other organizations, which conduct programs aimed at relieving poverty and the suffering of children and others. In some instances, The Bob and Rita Marley Foundations have created and conduct programs which have been executed internationally with an emphasis on the Caribbean, Africa and the United States, for the benefit of indigent, disenfranchised and underrepresented individuals, institutions and communities; particularly infants, youths and the elderly.

    About The Emerging Leadership Programme
    The Emerging Leadership Programme targets young people with demonstrated leadership skills, and aims to nurture and build more capacity in their styles of leadership, so they can best utilize their potential in the future. High schools nominate learners who have demonstrated leadership either at school or in community organizations, and then a panel of qualified assessors conduct interviews with the potential candidates. After the candidates are selected, they go through an extensive training in peace and leadership. The Programme culminates in an annual two-hour tea and discussion with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Emerging Leadership Awards Ceremony.

    About The Adopt-a-School Foundation
    The Adopt-a-School Foundation was conceived in line with the government's national objectives of providing quality education to all South African children. It is administered by the Shanduka Foundation, as part of their community program. Founded by Cyril Ramaphosa, James Motlasi & others, The Adopt-a-School foundation assists with providing an environment conducive to quality education for all South African children to improve conditions of schools neglected by pre-1994 government.

    About Ubuntu Institute
    Founded in 2005 by Cedza Dlamini, the Ubuntu Institute is a Pan-African youth non-profit organization headquartered in South Africa focused on the development of young social entrepreneurs on the African continent committed to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by 2015.