Africa Unite 2005 Ethiopia - Symposium Review Print

The Africa Unite Symposium was organised as part of the celebrations to honour the 60th anniversary of the Honour Rebel, Bob Nesta Marley, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 2-4 February 2005. Several organisations – The African Union, The Bob Marley and Rita Marley Foundations, UNICEF, Economic Commission for Africa and World Bank – came together to organise a symposium, which would give an opportunity to African intellectuals from the continent and from the Diaspora, using Bob Marley’s songs, to examine the African condition, to debate issues, and point out problems which impede the realisation of African Unity; keep the African Woman under multidimensional forms of exploitation and oppression and which marginalise African youth, cultural workers (artists, musicians, painters and dramatists) from participating fully in building a viable, free, economically self reliant and culturally proud continent. 

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