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Bob Marley - The Man; Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey and the Pan-African Revolution

(Presentation: Prof. Anthony Martin, Wellesley College)

Identifying Garveyite ideas in Bob's lyrics, Martin examined the historical continuity from Marcus Garvey to Rastafari to Bob Marley. He also examined explicit references to Garvey in Bob's lyrics and interviews, etc. as he sees Bob's significant Pan-African impact as a continuation of the work of Marcus Garvey. To Martin, Garvey and Bob are two towering figures who have bequeathed a great legacy to the Pan-African revolution.

During the lunch session there was a presentation by the West African Aids Foundation on the importance of protecting ourselves from the AIDS Virus as well as the impact the disease has had on Africa in general. The commentary from the floor emphasized the need to have correct information as there are so many myths and lies presently in circulation.

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